This week’s Sharp Darts subject is DJ and producer Rob Threezy of the local Ghetto Division crew. Rob and GD have a quirky take on Baltimore club music that’s been attracting a lot of attention from out of town.* In fact they’re currently in the middle of a couple shows sponsored by the Fader. Last night the boys brought the party to Evil Olive, where they dropped an unexpected set of throwback house jams that I’m positive would’ve absolutely demolished a rave ten years ago. I’ll have a recording of the set up on Crickets soon.

One thing that I really love about the Ghetto Division dudes is how obviously music obsessed they are. Even though they had four members out manning the decks last night, I don’t think I saw one of them leave the DJ booth the whole time I was there. Instead it was constantly one guy spinning with three other dudes staring over his shoulder at the laptop they were all sharing. They looked like a bunch of house-music meerkats.

Durte from Chicago-based photo site the Urban Lotus–which is currently down but supposed to be back online tomorrow–was on hand shooting and sent us these pics:







* I asked outspoken Threezy fan Diplo to provide a quote for Rob’s profile. After the piece was already in print, he finally sent me the following: “i like rob threezy cause hes from pilsen and rocks out parties in basments and breaks records. his crews joints and is able to take chances.” It’s possibly worth noting that Diplo was in Amsterdam at the time he wrote this.