According to the hottest it’s going to get in Chicago this weekend is 87 degrees on Sunday. This seems very wrong. It’s Lollapalooza weekend, which means that the forecast should call for highs in the 200s with scattered hurricanes. I’m a bit apprehensive about trusting, but we shall see.

If like me you’re planning on heading to Grant Park this weekend, be sure to check out the Reader‘s guide to Lollapalooza, which runs down the festival’s major attractions, reviews a few lesser-known acts you should check out, and provides a lengthy list of the insanely numerous officially sanctioned afterparties (along with a couple of prefestival events going down tonight).

In the non-Lollapalooza-related portions of this week’s music section we have my interview with Brooklyn-based rap provocateurs Das Racist, a Gossip Wolf column that comments on the media’s recent rediscovery of the Fireside Bowl, a Photo Pit dispatch from Wicker Park Fest (not shown: the terrifyingly dense crowd at headliner time), and a List recommending shows by Night Gallery, Cephalic Carnage, and Phosphorescent, among others.