This week in the Reader I profile psychedelic youngsters Secret Colours, the Cool Kids talk 90s nostalgia (and Chuck Inglish’s new group with Bun B, Chip tha Ripper, and Freddie Gibbs), Jessica Hopper returns to Gossip Wolf after what has to be the world’s shortest maternity leave, Steve Krakow profiles Amulance as part of the Secret History of Chicago Music’s Metal Month, the List recommends Boris, Metal Rouge, and many more, and the Photo Pit looks at Joan Jett at Northalsted Market Days.

That reminds me of my own Joan Jett story: Once some friends and I drove to New York to see Lungfish at Brownie’s. I stood for part of the set next to a very pretty and very imposing woman with cropped blonde hair, tons of intense eye makeup, and a head-to-toe black-leather outfit. She psyched me the hell out. Later I realized it was Jett, who’d recently adopted her Fetish-era leather-dyke look. Heaviness-wise the vibe she gave off was second only to watching Lungfish’s Dan Higgs tear a mike stand in two with his bare hands and then drive the pieces through his suit to form a makeshift cross.