This week is the Reader‘s spring books issue, but there’s still a music section full of goodness.

Among the many things-that-aren’t-books covered this week are Brazilian chanteuse Céu, Sigur Ros front man Jonsi, and garage fuckups Thomas Function, all in the current List; prolific and beyond-culty British singer-songwriter Jackie Leven, profiled by Cliff Doerksen; Yakuza, Braid, and volcano high jinks in Gossip Wolf; and a Sharp Darts column on fascinating and unique young rapper/producer Emanuel Vinson.

Speaking of books, though, I’ve been really getting into Dave Tompkins’s fascinating history of the vocoder, How to Wreck a Nice Beach. It’s the only book I’ve read that treats Roger Troutman with the same amount of respect as it does Winston Churchill, and reading about the unlikely links between the New Kids on the Block and Sun Ra is likely to remind you what a strange and wonderful world it is that we live in. Highly recommended.