Look, of course I’d really like you to read my new essay on Tumblr, its effects on the way music is made these days, and how the Web platform is in little to absolutely no danger of dampening humankind’s instinct to create, contrary to what some doomsayers have suggested. But even if you’re not interested in the subject, you should click through the link if for no other reason than to enjoy the amazing John Herndon illustration that runs with it. Man do I love that John Herndon art.

Also on the B Side this week: Million Dollar Mano, who’s been manning the decks for Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne tour and leading the newly formed Treated Crew, interviews El-P, whose newly reassembled Company Flow plays its first (and possibly last) Chicago show at Metro tonight. Gossip Wolf clues us in to the many goings-on of Chicago-bred rapper Serengeti, as well as to what you can do to pay back Gold Star owner Susan Stursberg for all the good times that you don’t remember. Soundboard recommends concerts by Bang on a Can, Behemoth, Disappears, Ceremony, Bassnectar, Miguel Zenon, and more, and we’ve also got an overview of the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival, which is happening this weekend. Speaking of which, I’ll be conducting two Q&A sessions as part of the fest: one before the 3 PM Saturday screening of Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story at the Logan Theater and one before the 3:15 PM Sunday screening of poster-art doc Just Like Being There at the Wicker Park Art Center.