As we’ve said before, you, our online visitors, are very important to us, and since you’re so important to us, we like to offer you bonuses that our print-only readers don’t get. So this week, while readers who grab the print edition of the Reader get a regular-size Artist on Artist, with local country/punk legend Jon Langford talking to Nashville singer-songwriter Paul Burch, you folks checking us out via the Information Superhighway get a conversation six times as long. These guys are grade-A storytellers.

Also on the B Side this week, Three Beats has the scoop on the “mature” new Bible of the Devil LP, strange moves by local “ghoulcore” purveyor Gas Mask Horse, and award-winning Chinese and Chinese-American composers interpreting their homeland’s recent history. Gossip Wolf dishes on what’s up with hip-hop producer Mulatto Patriot, Saki’s new Creative Control comedy-and-music series, and local disaster punks Football. And the latest Soundboard includes recommendations of gigs by the aforementioned Langford and Burch, as well as Negative Approach, Frankie Rose, Special Consensus, Dive, and Hospitality.