The weather in Chicago right now is exactly the opposite of what you might call “reading weather,” what with the distractions of seeing the sun and people walking around feeling sexy and unencumbered by layered clothing. So maybe right this second isn’t the best time to tackle Michaelangelo Matos’s lengthy and incredibly in-depth look at Chicago house music in the 90s. Which is fine. Bookmark it or pick up a copy of the paper and hold onto it. Trust me, whether you’re a house-music fan or just a music fan in general—or even if you’re simply curious about an important part of our city’s (not to mention our world’s) cultural history that’s still hardly been explored in any meaningful way—you are going to want to take your time and savor this one.

Our death-metal-intensive Artist on Artist between Chris Reifert of the legendary Autopsy and Scott Carroll from local diehards Cianide is just as long as Matos’s piece, if perhaps a little less dense, but you’ve still got options if you’re not ready for an epic read. Gossip Wolf dishes on doom metal in pole-dancing videos and a new cover-songs series at the Whistler, In Rotation rounds up picks from Peter Margasak, the Numero Group’s Rob Sevier, and Hideout talent buyer Michael Slaboch, and the Secret History of Chicago Music tells the tale of new-wave weirdo Wazmo Nariz. Plus don’t miss Soundboard’s picks for upcoming shows by A$AP Rocky, Spiritualized, Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts, Black Dice, Schoolboy Q, and more.