If you’ve been paying attention to all the excitement leading up to this week’s Reader, you’ll know why the current issue is such a super huge deal: our long-awaited guide to the Green Music Festival featuring Yo La Tengo and Les Savy Fav.

JK/LOL, of course. Really, it’s once again time for the Reader‘s massive annual Best of Chicago issue. Turn or click to our Music & Nightlife section to find everything from the best local metal band to the best photobooth to make out in (as determined by our readers’ votes) and everything from the best musical wunderkind who could use a nap to the best place to hear a band of nine-year-old girls that sounds like the Urinals (as determined by our staff of experts).

In the Soundboard those same experts offer their top picks for the coming week’s shows, which include Idiot Glee, Sacred Reich, Group Doueh, Hall & Oates, Tareq Abboushi & Shusmo, and Kevin Seconds.