With all of the work that the Reader puts into the Pitchfork Music Festival each year—putting together our massive user’s guide to the fest and our Bike Village, handing stylish Reader bandannas, posting to our new Tumblr while roasting alive—”Pitchfork” has for our staffers become almost like a fifth season in the year. But like all seasons this one too must pass. This week’s issue leaves you with a couple of #p4kfest memories: a collection of photos taken by our intrepid photo squad and a dense assortment of Gossip Wolf-y goings-on at the fest, including some boot-knocking in a porta-potty, one main-stage band’s possible upcoming plans, and who was where watching what.

This week’s B Side cover is an insightful feature on rapper Big Sean, whose mouth’s been writing a lot of checks that he’s hoping his sales figures will cash. Three Beats shares news of challenging cassette labels, geographically scattered experimental-music troupes, and earnest Italian documentary makers. Artist on Artist matches up prolific local underground auteur Peven Everett with Tortoise guitarist and jazzer-about-town Jeff Parker. In In Rotation I laud the genius of Badfinger, local rock videographer John Yingling stumps for Lechuguillas, and noisenik Rotten Milk shares his love for Yolanda Be Cool’s brilliantly annoying “Pa Parla Americano.” On the Soundboard we talk upcoming shows by Thee Oh Sees, Gillian Welch, Bon Iver, Cass McCombs, Smart Bar’s Juke Fest 2011, and more. And if you didn’t get enough standing around outside watching bands last weekend, our guide to Wicker Park Fest, featuring Wild Flag and Wavves, might help you do so this weekend.