The inspiration behind my column for this week—an examination of Odd Future, Iceage, Cult of Youth, and the renewed prominence of confrontation as a theme in underground music—came from a couple of places. One was, as I mention in the piece, the fact that I found myself having to add caveats to a couple of recent previews of bands that make music I like but use imagery I don’t. The other was a tweet by one of the few music critics I like enough to follow on Twitter, which put another critic on blast for promoting Iceage, who I believe the first critic referred to as “fascists.” I hadn’t even heard about the band’s penchant for playing with controversial imagery at that point, so I did some research and found that there was a lot more nuance in what they’re doing than “fascists” gives them credit for. The rate at which listeners are bombarded with new music makes it even more tempting to pass snap judgments instead of taking the time to really understand what an artist is doing. This is my attempt to do so.

Elsewhere on the B Side, regular Reader contributor Michaelangelo Matos reviews some new DJ mixes, including one by Goldie that I was actually thinking about reviewing myself (he did a way better job than I probably would have). Three Beats has news on a Lincoln Hall benefit next Thursday for the hail-damaged Garfield Park Conservatory, Rabid Rabbit’s upcoming album, and Birth’s upcoming breakup. Our coverage of last weekend’s Lollapalooza comes in the form of a bunch of great black-and-white photos by Jesse Lirola and an especially celebrity-heavy edition of Gossip Wolf, which also finds room to dish on some local avant-rockers. And this week’s Soundboard recommends shows by the Limiñanas, Debo Band, Myrmyr, Amy LaVere, Plastic Crimewave Sound (who’ll also be playing this weekend’s Found Sound Festival), and more.