This week’s B Side cover story—and what a cover that is—follows Bill Meyer into the depths of . . . I Listen to the Wind That Obliterates My Traces: Music in Vernacular Photographs 1880-1955, a really fascinating-sounding collection of music and photographs from the early parts of the 20th century that Meyer says “explores and celebrates the intimate relationship between the collector and his beloved stuff.” The prospect of 150 photos along the lines of a formal portrait of a one-armed one-man band makes me very much want to make the set a part of my own personal beloved stuff. In Sharp Darts this week I share short reviews of local releases by DJ Diamond, Tiny Fireflies, Psalm One, Darling, and Tony Baines. Artist on Artist matches up Earthen Grave bassist Ron Holzner, formerly of Trouble, with Pentagram guitarist and doom legend Victor Griffin, who’s approximately 3,000 percent more coherent than the band’s famously unhinged front man, Bobby Liebling. Three Beats has news on locally produced folksy fingerstyle guitar, sample-based electro-pop, and upcoming CSO performances of the score to The Fellowship of the Ring. In Rotation offers recent picks by Leor Galil, Tyler Jon Tyler drummer and Shake Shop proprietor Tom Cassling, and Other Minds front man Zach Medaris. Gossip Wolf‘s got the dish on new music by a former Catfish Haven guy, the dude who plays in half the metal bands in town, and a Bloodiest member about to decamp to New Haven. In the Soundboard we have picks for upcoming shows by Kreayshawn, Coffinworm, Stevie Nicks, Personal & the Pizzas, Jason Ajemian & the Highlife, and more.