A lot of factors have helped Spotify become one of those pieces of music tech—the iPod, the Shazam app, Napster back in the day—that inspire people to get all wide-eyed and act generally kind of fervently evangelical, telling their friends that they have to check it out, et cetera. The thing I find most impressive about it is that someone’s put together a music service that’s actually easier than piracy. Spotify’s social listening aspects—and the even more intense ones you’ll find on Turntable.fm—are the subject of my column this week. I know a lot of people are very bugged-out right now over Spotify’s recently deepened relationship with Facebook, but I personally don’t mind. Then again I don’t really care who knows about my late-night Tegan and Sara binges, and my bosses all know that I have a taste for offensively raunchy ghettotech, so that’s not such a big deal for me.