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Our schedule’s been all wonky the past few weeks due to the holidays. But we’re back this week with a new round of “Variations on a Theme.” This week, it’s resolutions.

Every weekday morning and at various points throughout the week, Reader staffers will produce a post—a personal essay, a longer-form reported story, a photo gallery, or something more off-the-wall—on the week’s theme.

The past week has seen no shortage of content on 2011, so we thought that we’d spend this week looking ahead to the things we hope to happen in 2012. So far this week, we’ve seen Ben Joravsky go from wanting to see all the films on Reader film editor J.R. Jones’s year-end list to a digression on local politics, and myself on trying to expand my critical faculties.

In case you missed them, here’s a list of the previous editions of Variations on a Theme: