• Drafthouse Films
  • “F Is for Fart”

This weekend the Logan presents late shows of The ABCs of Death, a bulging horror/fantasy anthology film (130 minutes with the end credits) to which an international assortment of filmmakers have contributed episodes of three or four minutes, each taking death as its theme and a letter of the alphabet as its inspiration. An opening title warns that no one under 18 will be admitted, and in point of fact the movie is pretty extreme, trading heavily in sadism (in Simon Rumley’s “P Is for Pressure” a poor mother is driven to make an animal “crush film”); misogyny (in Jorge Michel Grau’s “I Is for Ingrown,” a woman chained in a bathtub is injected by her captor and dies horribly); scatology (in Noboru Iguchi’s “F Is for Fart,” a schoolgirl in love with her teacher bathes in the yellow gas from the woman’s backside); and self-mutilation (in Xavier Gens’s “X Is for XXL,” a fat woman taunted for her looks decides to carve off her own flesh). It’s enough to make you wish they’d take some letters out of the alphabet.