Tonight’s Flosstradamus party up at Sonotheque should be pretty bonkers, even compared to the usual Floss joints. The event is sponsored by Colt 45 and Vice magazine; Colt 45 is going to be on special. And Chicagoist is reporting that the first 200 people to show up get in for free. Which means that by midnight or so, the club is going to be chock full of kids going incredibly apeshit on malt liquor. I have a feeling that the event is going to be equal parts sweaty, dangerous, and fun.

Tomorrow night’s the third installment of the recent Fly by Night DJ series at the Underground Lounge in Wrigleyville. The headliner this time is East Coast duo Certified Bananas, who’ve been getting some heat off of indie rock/hip-hop blend sets that are supposed to have all of the fun of a Girl Talk show without all of the suckiness of a Girl Talk show. Party-starters the Cool Kids and Fly by Night main man Willy Joy open. Should be live.