The lineup was announced too late for me to write about this festival for our print edition, but you really do need to know about it. The good folks at Kuma’s Corner, the go-to late-night burger den for metalheads who’ve waited all their lives to eat a pulled-pork sandwich called the Pig Destroyer, have organized a two-night holiday smorgasbord of doom.

Being the socially responsible thrashers that they are, they’re turning over all proceeds from the shows to a long list of charities: the Anti-Defamation League, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, the March of Dimes, the Special Olympics, Unicef, NORML (of course), the Humane Society, the Anti-Cruelty Society, and the Akita Rescue Society of America. (The Kuma that gave the restaurant its name is owner Michael Cain’s Akita.)

But what about the lineup? In short, this is gonna be one of the best metal events Chicago has had in the nearly 14 years I’ve been writing about music here. Saturday’s bill, first band first, is Rabid Rabbit, Ganon, Rue, Beneath Oblivion, Blood of the Tyrant, Minsk, Indian, Samothrace, and sinister Swedes Kongh in their Chicago debut. Sunday kicks off with Harpoon, followed by Across Tundras, Lord Mantis, Battlefields, Jungle Rot, Lair of the Minotaur, the Atlas Moth, Plague Bringer, and Yakuza. Crikey!

Now, though it’s billed as Kuma’s Doom Fest, obviously not all these bands are pure doom (that’d be a bit much even for me). There’s a very nice diversity of modern metal subgenres on offer, and also a healthy mix of local lions and bands from elsewhere–there’s a good chance that someone who shows up to catch a current favorite will discover a new one.

Check out the entries at Invisible Oranges and Deciblog to hear what the metal peanut gallery has to say about the fest. My favorite comment is at the latter, concerning Kongh and Samothrace sharing a bill: “There’s gonna be some doom running down people’s pants.”

Both nights are at the Double Door, and a bargain at $15.