I missed the Super Bowl last night because I don’t have TV. Oh, and also and football usually bores me to near-suicidal levels. But thanks to our friends at the Internet, I’ve been watching the Prince halftime thing and the best performance overshadowed by it, Common and Kanye breaking out a new jam called “Southside.” Like many Chicagoans, I like to give those dudes shit for repping Chi City from halfway across the continent–and like most people in general I like to bag on their fashion sense, as exemplified by Common’s throwback leather newsboy hat and Kanye’s Polo-Bear-with-a-dookie-chain combo in this clip–but I still love what they do together, and despite the shitty audio quality, I’ve been rocking this song all day. My favorite part is seeing Common bring it hard like, as he says, “Chi-town’s Nas.” Maybe he’s actually as embarrassed as he should be for that Gap commercial he did. So far almost every mistake he’s made in his career, like the overambitious Electric Circus, has been the forgivable because it was in the name of, you know, art and stuff. This time he fucked up for a paycheck, and I know I’m not his only fan to call “weak sauce” on it. Given that there’s supposed to be a Dr. Dre track and at least one “street joint” on his upcoming Finding Forever, I think we may have pissed him off when we said that. Good.