And Everything Is Going Fine
  • And Everything Is Going Fine

Steven Soderbergh’s And Everything Is Going Fine uses performance and interview clips of actor and monologuist Spalding Gray (Swimming to Cambodia, Monster in a Box, Gray’s Anatomy) to construct a sort of posthumous autobiography. The movie opens today for a week-long run at the Gene Siskel Film Center, and my long review considers it alongside Kenneth Bowser’s documentary Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune, which arrives at the same venue on Friday, February 25.

Also in this week’s issue, check out our Critic’s Choice boxes for Gregg Araki’s latest, Kaboom, and The Oscar-Nominated Short Films 2011: Animation. We have new capsule reviews for The Bodyguard, part of the Film Center’s retrospective on Uzbek filmmaker Ali Khamraev; Certifiably Jonathan, a mockumentary starring comedy giant Jonathan Winters; Criminal Case 40/61: Reverb, Andrea Geyer’s re-creation of the Adolf Eichmann trial; The Critics, the screen adaptation of Adam Langer’s 1998 stage play; I Am Number Four, a sci-fi adventure from producers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg; Into Eternity, a Danish documentary about the perils of nuclear waste storage; It’s a Gift, the classic W.C. Fields comedy; Just Go With It, the nonclassic Adam Sandler comedy; The Oscar-Nominated Films 2011: Live Action, screening at Landmark’s Century Centre; and Zenith, a low-budget sci-fi adventure about a man investigating a global conspiracy.