• Blue Collar

I suppose you know about Hanna.

This week Ben Sachs looks at Blue Collar (1978), the first directorial effort by Paul Schrader (Auto Focus, Affliction, Cat People, American Gigolo) and the movie that features what is widely regarded as Richard Pryor’s best dramatic performance. Music Box will present midnight shows on Friday and Saturday, projected from a new 35-millimeter print.

The new issue also includes our sidebar coverage for the second week of both the Asian American Showcase and the Chicago Latino Film Festival. And we have new capsule reviews of Arthur, a remake of the old 1981 comedy, with Russell Brand taking over for Dudley Moore as the drunken playboy; Con Artist, a documentary about the 80s art-world personality Mark Kostabi; Soul Surfer, a biopic of the young surfer Bethany Hamilton, who made a comeback after losing her arm in a shark attack; Super, with Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page as misfits who become costumed crime fighters; and Your Highness, a medieval stoner comedy with James Franco, Danny McBride, and Natalie Portman.