• Vincent Price (right)

You’d need an extra-wide golf umbrella to avoid all the media hype over Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the much-monickered title character in Martha Marcy May Marlene. But I haven’t seen nearly as much attention given to Sean Durkin, the young writer-director, who deserves a lot more credit for this eerie, lingering suspense film. Writers are calling it one of year’s best, which doesn’t mean much in a year this weak, but it’s definitely worth seeing.

This week also brings the Chicago screenings of the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema before it moves out to Northbrook on Sunday. The Human Resources Manager and Restoration, both recommended by our critics, show on Saturday at 600 N. Michigan; 77 Steps and This Is Sodom screened last night at Columbia College, but if you’re interested, you can still catch them out in the burbs; see the festival web site for showtimes.