• Fair Game

The Chicago International Film Festival continues through next Thursday, and this week’s issue includes reviews of several new films: Carancho, an Argentinean thriller starring Ricardo Darin (The Secret in Their Eyes); Fair Game, with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts as Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame; Hereafter, the latest from Clint Eastwood; The Housemaid, a caustic South Korean thriller by Im Sang-soo (The President’s Last Bang); The Minutemen, a documentary on the eponymous immigration vigilantes; and Trust, with Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as the parents of a girl victimized by an online predator.

Winnebago Man
, Ben Steinbauer’s hilarous and provocative documentary about viral-video phenomenon Jack Rebney, was the subject of a long review back in June, when it previewed at the Gene Siskel Film Center. It returns this week for a full run.