Ah, the jukebox: you go to a bar, pay to punch in a song (from a typically limited selection), and sometimes wait all night to hear it; or to wait for it to never play. So for the Reader‘s Bar Guide, we constructed what we conceived of as the ideal bar jukebox, one where you’d be able to make a request and get to listen to the song you want (and have a wider selection to choose from, thanks to Spotify), and one that gets changed up on a more frequent basis.

We’ll be providing a weekly update of new tracks on the jukebox, in the hope of giving our readers a heads-up on what’s currently playing. And since we’ve got 64 spots to fill, we’ll also be posting track requests from our staff.

Once you reach the jukebox, anyone can submit a request; just punch your song into the queue. To listen, all you need is a Spotify account (if you have a moment while submitting, please copy and paste the Spotify URI code).

We’ll upload the tracks, with a little curation along the way. If your song doesn’t come up, please try another. And remember to fill out all the fields, so that we can find your song a little more easily. Hit the jump to see the new tracks added by staff members.