Local punk blowout Riot Fest has steadily grown since it began as a two-day affair at the Congress Theater back in 2005, but it kicked things up a notch last year when it moved into Humboldt Park and transformed into a multistage outdoor carnival, Ferris wheel included. The experiment clearly paid off, as all three days of this year’s Riot Fest will take place in Humboldt Park beginning Fri 9/13—last year’s festival kicked off at the Congress for one night before moving to the park. It appears the organizers behind the punk happening are intent on making it one of the biggest music festivals in the city, and the initial lineup speaks to that ambition; Fall Out Boy (who play the Riv tonight) and Blink-182, two titans of American pop-punk, headline a bill that includes Violent Femmes, Motorhead, Rancid, Blondie, Public Enemy, Brand New, and plenty of other eye-catching acts.