Michelle Obama’s speech: it’s fine. CNN explains it more pithily than I can. Chuck Todd just told me how many times she said “America” and “values.” All the pundits agree that it was a brilliant move to talk about America and Values and Motherhood and Not Being Scary instead of, like, issues and shit. I demand tag clouds. SHOW US MORE TECHNOLOGY I’M BORED.

[Update: Roy Edroso, as usual, puts it perfectly: “The harsh necessity of countering the ugly stories that have been circulated about her may have forced her into a speech more programmatic than she, or even we, would have liked, but it would take more than a little boilerplate to conceal that she knows both how fortunate and how worthy of fortune she is.”]

I’ll cut to the chase: the only important thing I want to point out is that whoever is responsible for the stage–the abysmal Department of Tourism Day-Glo DNC logo pasted to the hotel lobby-chic podium, the weird dual floating Obama heads, the chyron background (!?!?)–needs to go back to doing sets for Dancing with the Stars or what the fuck and deserves all the blame if Obama loses. It’s nauseating.

Seriously. That cheeseball logo makes me want to pull an Elvis on my TV.

Stars? Gradient? Why is the sky the color of apocalypse? Why is the “0” so big? Why is the “8” so weird looking?

CNN has five people interviewing Caroline Kennedy. Now they’re cutting away to a McCain spokeswoman named “Nicolle” who talked about how everyone roots for the family and how moving it was to see Ted Kennedy. Clearly no one has it in them to make news tonight. Three more days for something interesting to happen!