Soundgarden: Who would have expected Chris Cornell—after several increasingly embarrassing, unpopular albums and during a gargantuan upswell of grunge nostalgia—to go and get the old band back together? Besides everybody, I mean.

MGMT: The strange face-painted jocks known as “MGMT bros”—one of the all-time weirdest subspecies of Lolla-goer—will be thrilled. I expect the band’s crowd to be the biggest accumulation of shirtless dudes in makeup that I’ve seen since I stopped going to raves.

Semi Precious Weapons: Lady Gaga’s rise to fame is the best thing that’s ever happened to Semi Precious Weapons—she used to open for them back in the day, and now she’s letting them warm up some of the largest arena stages in the country for her. Plenty of people were sick of the band before anyone knew who they were, though. There’s such a thing as too many press releases.

The Strokes: The difference between a retro act and a nostalgia act? You get called the former when you lovingly blend, say, Television and Tom Petty, and you get called the latter when you haven’t made a really good record in a decade.

The XX, Warpaint, the Big Pink: These folks are going to want at least an SPF 30.

Jimmy Cliff, Devo, Erykah Badu, Harlem: Your best bets for actual fun on the rock stages.

The Black Keys, the National, Spoon, the Walkmen, Chromeo, Matt & Kim, Drive-By Truckers, Wolfmother: Hey, who invited every other music festival of the past six years?