Kendrick Lamar

Since you’re well rested and ready to head to Union Park with plenty of time to spare, you can plan your last day at Pitchfork on your own, right? You don’t need to consult these hour-by-hour itineraries for ideas. Not even a little. You’re just going to read them because they might be funny!Philip Montoro

Leor Galil

Reader staff writer

1:00 PM Get emotional watching Mutual Benefit.

1:45 PM Avoid the Red Stage like the plague.

1:55 PM Get emotional watching Perfect Pussy.

2:30 PM Scream at the sky (and get emotional, of course) watching Deafheaven.

3:00 PM Take bets on which Chicago rappers will drop in on Isaiah Rashad‘s set.

3:30 PM Count the number of fans in old “Free Earl” T-shirts during Earl Sweatshirt‘s set.

4:15 PM Play Top Dawg Entertainment bingo during Schoolboy Q‘s set.

5:15 PM Get disappointed that Real Estate, not Sunny Day Real Estate, is playing the Red Stage, then take a nap.

5:45 PM Get emotional watching Majical Cloudz.

6:45 PM Get emotional dancing to DJ Spinn.

7:25 PM I imagine my traditional festival seapunk count will balloon during Grimes‘s set.

8:30 PM What could possibly be better than right now? That’s right, nothing.

Drew Hunt

Reader editorial assistant

1:00 PM For some reason, I rarely stray from the Blue Stage during Pitchfork; today is no exception. I’ll grab a good spot for Speedy Ortiz . . .

1:55 PM . . . and stay put till Perfect Pussy.

2:30 PM The festival grounds are pretty peaceful when they aren’t overrun. I’ll be leisurely perusing the vendor section and sipping coffee.

3:00 PM I’ll catch a bit of Isaiah Rashad before I head to Earl Sweatshirt, the last glimmer of Odd Future’s initial promise.

4:15 PM Laugh at all the bohemians in VIP wishing each other “Happy Pitchfork.” Bro, do you even concert?

4:45 PM Walk past Schoolboy Q‘s set and wonder if it’s 2012 again.

5:45 PM I’m not convinced the minimalist sounds of Majical Cloudz will work in a festival setting, but I’m down to find out.

5:50 PM Turns out they don’t. Beer time.

6:45 PM Pour one out for DJ Rashad during DJ Spinn‘s set.

7:45 PM I missed Hudson Mohawke when he played the festival last year with TNGHT, and I’m sure Kendrick’s set will be virtually identical to the one he did on the Yeezus tour. So it’s the Blue Stage once more.

Kelly Nothing

Mother superior at Animal Kingdom, multi-instrumentalist in the Lemons

1:00 PM Getting to Pitchfork by 1 PM on a Sunday may feel out of reach, but Speedy Ortiz is worth it. Just bring aspirin. They played in my basement, and I’m anxious to see them carry their billowing energy onto an actual stage.

1:45 PM If your hangover forces you to ease into the day, Diiv is just what you need. I recommend you sit down, lie back, and spark up for their dreamy stare-into-the-sun jams.

1:55 PM If on the other hand you’re blessed with the energy of the gods, your place is at Perfect Pussy. Raw, fast, and real.

3:20 PM After that, I’ll check out Earl Sweatshirt. I don’t know his music, just that his mom sent him to boarding school because she wasn’t into Odd Future.

3:45 PM I’ll cut this education short to catch Dum Dum Girls. Lead singer Dee Dee has polished her band’s lo-fi noise, exposing more emotion than ever.

5:15 PM Chicagoans who missed Real Estate‘s surprise show at the Burlington last year (or bassist Alex Bleeker at DIY wonderland FeelTrip), you’re getting another chance—don’t fuck it up.

6:15 PM The high point of Sunday, and of the Pitchfork fest in general, is Slowdive—one of those bands I never thought I’d get to see. I’m not even going to try to be able to see their bodies. Just let the band take over your every sense. Who knows if we’ll ever get to see them again.