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  • What is it about this face that makes you want to click on my blog post?

Move over Maru, corgis are the new it-animal of the Internet now, thanks to the influence of a trendy website, a flame war, and those cute, long tongues. Get ready, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of these adorable dogs you can’t for the life of you justify from an evolutionary standpoint.

Corgis have lately been the smiling face of Buzzfeed.com, where they’re mainly deployed as background photos for news-of-the-weird Twitter stories, like “Ten Corgis Who Didn’t Know The Titanic Was Real” and “Jose Canseco’s Insane Twitter Rant Presented By Corgis,” and much, much more. The rise of the corgi was consummated as many big-on-the-Internet things are: with a hit piece. Yesterday the Atlantic Wire made note of the corgy (sorry) at Buzzfeed, daring to ask, “Are corgis even that cute?” (Is the meme resister the new crazy cat person?) Buzzfeed responded with a prodigious listicle of 108 pictures of corgis that showed with the power of a well-argued essay that corgis are not just cute, but adorbs and dawww too. Jabs were traded back and forth on Tumblr and Twitter and what have you, but it’s clear that corgis are here to stay. Why? I’ve got three theories and one more cuddly picture after the jump.