The Chicago-based new-music ensemble eighth blackbird kicks off a three-part series of concerts at the Harris Theater of Music and Dance on Tuesday. They’re a wonderful, playful group, far from the elitist, imposing image of new-music-type classical that the genre is saddled with. They’re also a great example of how music groups, particularly less penetrable ones like experimental classical ensembles, can leverage technology to their advantage. Their podcasts have shows, studio tours, tour marginalia, conversations, and the like; last month they put up a rehearsal video for Tuesday’s show.

Befitting their tech-geek bent, they’ll be collaborating with NYU prof/artist Daniel Rozin, whose mechanical mirrors–made of wood, trash, painted circles, and more–are really quite marvelous. They’re also doing pieces by Thierry de Mey, Martin Bresnick, and Frederic Rzewski. John von Rhein has a preview in the Trib.