With three weeks to go before the season starts, I got my college football fix this morning by checking out Bleacher Report’s entertaining countdown of what it deems “The 13 Wildest Game-Winning Plays of All Time.” To be frank, it’s really a collection of the craziest finishes that have been immortalized on YouTube, so more than half are from the last ten years and none predates 1974. I wasn’t alive until the 1970s myself, but I’m pretty sure there were some improbable game-enders in the hundred years of college football before then. Also, only one of the games on this list ended in a devastating loss for Notre Dame, which is about 12 too few for me.

That said, this is great stuff, featuring a succession of Hail Marys, hook-and-ladders, a Statue of Liberty play, improbable heroes like Appalachian State and Doug Flutie, and goats like Woody Hayes and the Stanford marching band. In case it’s been awhile since you’ve seen what came to be known as “The Play”: