• Robin Thicke in the “Blurred Lines” video

Making fun of Robin Thicke is almost too easy, which may explain why I do it so often. There was that corny-ass video for his otherwise impressive debut single, “When I Get You Alone.” There’s his current “James Murphy goes to Vegas” look on display in the video for “Blurred Lines.” And even when you get tired of making fun of Thicke’s sartorial aesthetic there’s always the fact that he’s Alan Thicke’s son left to make fun of.

But beneath it all he’s actually an impressively talented musician, and the fact that he’s got the slow-burning Lil Wayne collaboration “Shooter” in his catalog is more than enough to forgive a lifetime of bad facial-hair-styling decisions. On a recent taping of BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge he showed off some of that talent with a cover of Icona Pop’s Girl Party Anthem “I Love It” that reinvents the clubby original as a groovy midtempo ballad tricked out with Fender Rhodes, hand drums, and tasteful guitar solo that evoke a particularly 90s-sounding attempt at replicating 70s soul. And it’s pretty great.

Compare and contrast the cover and the original after the jump.