Just remember these before you say, “I can’t do this on a bike!”  (Hat tip to Mental Floss.)

Somewhere George Orwell is gagging. The “stay the course” president is now denying he ever said it, and major media let him get by with rewriting history. A summary.

CTA Tattler is about Frank Kruesi’s duchy, and sometimes it’s about us: “In the two years I have been riding the train with my daughter every Monday-Friday, only three times has a gentleman offered me a seat. All other times it has been a woman.”

Treehugger and its commenters have suggestions for some ways in which air travel might become a little bit more green.

Lileks is always good for a cheap shot: “School was adjourned for teacher training. (You know, just like the newspaper doesn’t arrive some days because everyone’s in Newspaper training, or the electricity cuts out because they’re all getting lessons in power generation.)”

Do lighter-skinned immigrants get a 10 percent pay boost?  Some research says so.  Links and discussion here.

“[D]emocracies have historically been created by elites when the threat of social unrest and violence cannot be defused in any other way.” Read the review of this new book here.