“‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers.” Peter Nicholson appreciates Emily Dickinson and then — this takes real guts — addresses a poem to her.

“By defining certain regimes (including Iran and Syria) as evil, the Bush Administration has essentially made sensible policy impossible.” David Kaiser compares our position to that of Germany’s in 1918.

Mocking suburban pretensions with a subdivision name generator, at DenverInfill Blog. Actually, in the midwest I suspect any place with superfluous “e” to be a trailer court.

Angry Bear wonders, “Why is driving with one’s bright lights on illegal, and driving an SUV legal?”

Amanda Marcotte says sex isn’t just inevitable, it’s fun: “Until people stop buying into the premise that sexual pleasure is somehow immoral in and of itself, they’re going to be easily wowed by antichoice arguments that assume that women should be punished for having sex.”

Iraq’d. “Colonel Hammes recalls that the person given the job of planning for [Iraqi] prisons and police [in 2003] was 25 and that this was his first job after college. He didn’t worry about having a staff of only four, the young appointee said, because they were all his fraternity brothers.” Via Cato