• Tiaras

Tiaras is a band made up of a bunch of dudes who have been kicking around the San Francisco scuzzy garage-rock scene for years (including Adam Finken, who used to be in one of my favorite bands from that side of the states, Blasted Canyons), and next month they’ll release their debut LP on Mt. St. Mtn. Records. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Thought I Could Know,” a preview tune from their self-titled record, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be expecting it to be a revved-up, psychy Thee Oh Sees clone—which is a sound that way too many Bay Area bands tend to gravitate towards. But luckily, it’s anything but: Tiaras play a beautiful, new wavey style of dream-pop, and “Thought I Could Know” is an unstoppable and gorgeous song that’s filled out by lush textures, sweeping guitar sprinkles, and a hooky, cloudy falsetto from singer Ryan Grubbs. I’ve probably listened to it a dozen times since last night. Check it out below.