At a time when other journalists are being dragged from their desks, Christopher Piatt, the long, lean theater editor for Time Out Chicago, is stepping down and dropping out voluntarily. His last day on the job is Friday, 5/22.

“Basically I’m so physically exhausted from 4.5 years of a grueling schedule that I’m starting to make errors at work I couldn’t have imagined 6 months ago.” he told me via e-mail. “Kris [Vire, TOC theater writer] has very quietly and patiently been aiding me, but the reality is that I can’t function in the job the way I used to. Plus, I’m plum out of ideas for content, and the next phase of TOC will involve a new emphasis on the online product and a reduction of the print version. Kris is about 10,000 times more savvy about online journalism than I am, so I’m handing the reins over to him.”

Piatt emphasized that there was no labor/management issue involved and went out of his way to praise his bosses for getting his back when the occasion warranted. 

In a subsequent telephone conversation, he said he’d take a couple of months of “sabbatical,” work up some freelance ideas, and try to catch up on his pop culture frame of reference by watching The Wire. Will he stay in Chicago? He says he’ll remain here through December, but after that nothing’s certain.