I recently decided to listen to “Common Cold,” one of the singles off Tiny Moving Parts‘ recent Celebrate, partly because I’ve come down with a summertime cold. I don’t like to read too literally into song titles, but I wanted to see if the Minnesota emo band had replicated the frustration and exhaustion of battling a head full of mucus. The music of “Common Cold” feels strangely appropriate: it oscillates between fierce, soaring riffs and gentle, hushed melodies, which don’t take much of a stretch to map onto “frustration” and “exhaustion.”

Tiny Moving Parts handle the song’s whiplashing changes with ease, as you’d expect of players who proved themselves technically adept even before Celebrate. They’ve caught the ears of veterans such as Max Bemis of Say Anything, who enlisted Tiny Moving Parts front man Dylan Mattheisen to help him with the studio work for the most recent Say Anything album, I Don’t Think It Is. As Bemis wrote on his band’s site, “I recruited Tiny Moving Parts’ Dylan [Mattheisen] to shred ‘tappy tap’ style over an already strange musical brew, thus making me look very bad at guitar.”

Mattheisen kept his flamboyant guitar moves in check on “Common Cold,” much to the song’s benefit. You can listen to it below. Tiny Moving Parts headline Beat Kitchen on Saturday; Prawn, Free Throw, and the Island of Misfit Toys open.