The Tribune reports today that officials from the Chicago Children’s Museum decided to take their case for moving to Grant Park to their constituents–literally. In other words, they made their argument that this is all about the children to the children:

“As the children munched on pretzels and drank from juice boxes at the Harris Park Field House, Jim Law, the museum’s vice president of planning and external affairs, said the project was good for families.”

Odd? Perhaps. Exploitative? Some would say so. But here’s where it gets really … deep. The Trib reports the event was organized by one Georgette Greenlee-Finney, executive director of the Woodlawn Organization.

Greenlee-Finney’s the wife of the organization’s CEO and president, Leon Finney Jr. Finney, a big Daley ally, is a member of the Chicago Plan Commission, the body that’s supposed to rule on the move next week.