• The Air Yeezy 2

If you’re a big Kanye fan and/or someone who’s always been curious what would happen if Yohji Yamamoto and H.R. Giger collaborated on a shoe design, you are no doubt extremely amped for the arrival of the Kanye-designed Nike Air Yeezy 2. Well, that happens this weekend, and as per the streetwear industry’s standard ridiculous supply/demand ratio, there are only going to be a few pairs available in the whole city of Chicago. In fact, so far I’m only positive about one place where you’ll be able to buy them, Bucktown boutique RSVP Gallery, which was cofounded by Kanye’s own “style adviser,” Virgil Abloh. According to RSVP’s Facebook page they’ll be offering an as-yet-undisclosed quantity of Yeezy 2s at a silent auction in the store this Saturday from 2 PM to 4 PM. If the debut of the original Air Yeezy is any indication, the bids will likely reach completely insane heights that people who aren’t obsessive sneaker heads will find baffling and probably more than a little offensive, but RSVP is promising to donate a cut of the proceeds to Children’s Memorial Hospital, which makes things slightly better.

Or, for those who are feeling exceptionally lucky, anyone who spends $200 at RSVP between now and Friday gets a raffle ticket for a pair that the shop is giving away on Saturday. Those who really want a pair of Yeezys and don’t feel like gambling on the situation—and have embraced the postmodern idea that “authenticity” is a meaningless concept—have less not-bootleg options.