• Waylon Jennings’s rapping grandson, Struggle

So there’s a law now that if you’re descended from a celebrity that you have to be a rapper? Is that what’s happening?

Hot on the heels of rap projects from Tom Hanks’s son, Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Bob Dylan’s grandson, and who even knows how many other celebrity spawn picking up mikes, Waylon Jennings’s grandson—who raps under the name Struggle—has just dropped a video for his single “Outlaw.” With a guest appearance from fellow hillbilly-identified MC Yelawolf and a hefty dose of Waylon-signifying—including but not limited to sampling his mournful metatextual ballad “Outlaw Shit” and showing off a big ol’ eagle-“W” logo back piece—it’s hard not to take the song and video as a very self-conscious statement of purpose.

(Video after the jump.)