• Jesse Wagstaff

Slate’s Hanna Rosin on her initial reaction to the death of Jan Berenstain, of Bears fame:

I have been roundly (and deservedly) chastised in e-mails and elsewhere by Slate readers for my use of “good riddance” in connection with this kind woman’s death. I admit, I was not really thinking of her as a person with actual feelings and a family, just an abstraction who happened to write these books. Apologies. Next time I will be more humane. —Hanna

I wasn’t acquainted with the Berenstain Bears but, having read Rosin’s anti-obit, I’m intrigued—especially since she mentions that noted asshole Charles Krauthammer finds them “post-feminist,” and Papa Bear “the Alan Alda of grizzlies.” (He goes on: “a wimp so passive and fumbling he makes Dagwood Bumstead look like Batman.”) Rosin thinks they’re the opposite: humorless and retrograde.

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