Drake’s Nothing Was the Same officially came out yesterday, more than a week after it leaked, and by today there’s a good chance you’re sick of hearing about the friendly everyman rapper-singer from the north. Hell, by now you might even be sick of listening to Nothing Was the Same if, like me, you gorged on it immediately, fixating on the bridge between a couple songs and playing the two tunes on a loop for hours.

But if, like me, you’re jonesing for even more Drake material, local rapper-producer Rashid Hadee has a new project for you. Hadee’s got a mixtape series called “Chopped Not Screwed” where he samples songs from an entire album and rearranges them into brand-new beats to rap over, and on Saturday he released the third volume—Don’t Care, which he made using tunes off of Drake’s excellent 2011 sophomore album, Take Care. So it’s not exactly more material from Drake, but on tunes such as “Stuck in Place” and “Betrayal” Hadee keeps the sumptuous, glazed veneer of Drake’s sound intact while reimagining the pulse of the beats. Don’t Care is a great listen, even if you don’t particularly care for Drake—stream the mixtape below. [h/t Fake Shore Drive.]

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