• Pretty self-explanatory

If there’s one life lesson that I’ve discovered that I would say is worth anything, it’s that following through on your dumbest, most unrealistic ideas can produce legitimately valuable experiences. I was actually thinking about this the other day when I decided to actually put some effort into one of the highly conceptual cover bands I’ve had floating around in my head for a while, like Hot Wings (the music of Paul McCartney & Wings in the style of ZZ Top), the Smashing Pupkins (a Smashing Pumpkins cover band with a singer who impersonates Robert De Niro’s character from The King of Comedy), or the as-yet-unnamed Lifter Puller cover band (where the conceptual punch line is that we practice very hard to sound just like Lifter Puller, but since very few people know what Lifter Puller sounded like no one would know).

Former Chicagoan Brian Moss, who you may know from his emo-tinged projects the Ghost and Hanalei, has a reputation as a very earnest musician, but he obviously has a goofier side that he’s willing to indulge. His new project is called Jahbreaker and, as the name implies, it’s a reggae Jawbreaker cover band. Recently they posted two songs online with titles that are similarly on-the-nose, “Hotboxcar” (which is “Boxcar” but the lyrics are about weed) and “Bad Weed, Dealer’s Fault” (which is “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault” but the lyrics are about weed). The band does an impression of roots-style reggae that’s adequate, but isn’t going to make you mistake them for serious reggae dudes, which is fine because that’s not the point. The group’s primarily a delivery device for one groan-worthy pun that most people wouldn’t have even care about enough to spend the ten minutes in Photoshop that it would take to mock up a T-shirt design, so the fact that they’ve followed through far enough to actually make a recording is truly admirable.

You can stream the two songs—which, despite what the group’s Bandcamp page claims, are almost certainly not going to appear on an upcoming split seven-inch with 311—after the jump.