At the center of Tumblr there is a perpetually churning meme storm that constantly combines different pieces of pop culture and spews these hybrids out across the Internet. Drawings of the characters from Game of Thrones dressed up like characters from Thundercats, characters from Thundercats dressed up like hipsters, and so on. Somewhat inevitably there is a tumblog dedicated to putting lines from Kanye West songs on top of thematically appropriate still frames from Saved by the Bell. And it’s called “Kanye’d by the Bell,” of course.

As Aziz Ansari points out on his own tumblog, finding an image to go along with the “sex with a Pharaoh” line from “Monster” hints at either an incredible amount of research or a disturbingly deep knowledge of the show on the part of the meme’s creator. But I think my favorite’s got to be the Robocop one.