Sister Deborah

  • Sister Deborah

One of the more impressive bits of mental contortion required of people who subscribe to the ever-more-convoluted American conservative worldview is that liberals are “the real racists” for seeing racism in conservative expressions of free speech that are totally not racist. While this whole phenomenon began simply, with bigots defending themselves against being labeled bigots for espousing obviously bigoted ideas, it’s had the secondary effect of encouraging bigots on the right to amp up the hate speech until you can barely believe it. So call me a “cynic” or a “‘real’ racist” for seeing a post on Metafilter linking to a YouTube clip called “Uncle Obama’s Banana” by someone named Sister Deborah and expecting to see something like a nun telling some sort of satirical children’s story based on the Obama/monkey imagery that racists can’t seem to get enough of.

To my surprise and relief, Sister Deborah turned out not to be a racist nun, but rather a Ghanaian pop singer, and “Uncle Obama’s Banana” is not yet another piece of depressingly common right-wing hatemongering but a fun and funky pop song that is very literally about a girl buying bananas to feed her monkey and definitely doesn’t have any sort of highly suggestive subtext and what are you even talking about?

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