It’s been a while since Thax Douglas, former poet laureate of Chicago’s indie-rock scene, left us for Austin, in the process stirring up no small measure of controversy. I haven’t heard much about him since, but today he popped up on music-news aggregator the Daily Swarm in a post about an Austin band, Zorch, that’s writing songs dedicated to specific music critics—an unabashed attempt to attract Internet attention, which the Daily Swarm admits in its headline has worked, considering the fact that it’s getting written about on the Daily Swarm. (Disclosure: I think the band is terrible, and this only has a tiny amount to do with the fact that they haven’t written a song about me.)

Click through to see Thax in melodic mode, taking the lead vocal on the group’s music-theater-inflected ode to the founder of Pitchfork, “Rising for Ryan Schreiber.” He dances too. Seems like living in Austin really agrees with him.