If you spend more than five minutes a day on the Internet you’ve probably already seen the video for “Shine,” by a Christian rock band from Midland, Texas, called Final Placement. You know, the one with the kids who look like they’re probably really nice and Texas polite playing some of the shittiest rock music ever made. Surprisingly, a person claiming to be the guy responsible for the song’s meme-worthy guitar solo has jumped into the comments section on a post dedicated to the video at the blog Dangerous Minds. More surprising, he admits the solo is pretty awful. Even more surprising, the guy who put up the original post is Brad Laner, from the so-many-effects-even-for-shoegaze band Medicine, who you might know from the soundtrack to The Crow if not from their excellent album The Buried Life.

Compare “Shine” and Medicine’s “Time Baby II” after the jump.