• Nami Sagara Farahmand

The Tokyo Nami Trio, featuring vocalist Nami Sagara Farahmand, saxophonist Toru Hironaka, and bassist Tatsu Aoki, performs live accompaniment to Aoki’s 30-minute film Puzzle as part of Chicagoans, a program of short films with local ties Wednesday 4/7 at 8 p.m. in Asian American Showcase

“Chicagoans” features Loo Zihan‘s Autopsy, a mother/son dialogue about sexuality; Melissa Hung‘s stop motion video for Invisible Cities’ “Seconds”; Vicky Yen‘s animations Good Morning and Driving in Bad Weather; Gregory Cooke’s Chinese mafia tale Let Old Ghosts Rest; Min Jeong Cha’s Pages of Wings; Mako Fuwa‘s Stealing; Shirin Mozaffari‘s creation myth The Story of Ama & Baba; and Masahiro Sugano‘s allegory of romantic entanglement, Yarning for Love.

Asian American Showcase runs through April 15 at the Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 N. State St.