• Photo courtesy of Anna at annasrecipebox.com

Two Saturdays ago my boyfriend and I took a ride out to Elmwood Park. We were headed back to Caputo’s Market. This flagship store of the local chain opened last year, we “discovered” it a month ago, and we’ve been back three times already. Such produce! Ground lamb! An aisle of olive oil alone. And the “exotic” eastern European food section—not just the widely offered Polish specialities but items from the Czech Republic. The main reason we headed out on this afternoon, though, was for tomatoes. Tim has recently challenged himself to create the perfect tomato sauce. This undertaking requires lots of tomatoes. Bags of tomatoes. It can be a little expensive if the local market doesn’t have them on sale. Seeing as we’re not loaded, heirlooms (or even non-heirlooms) at the farmers’ market are out of the budget. But on our inaugural visit to Caputo’s we were presented with bushels of tomatoes at the entrance to the store. These weren’t the round, hard, pale red globes we usually see. Those tomatoes always remind me of breast implants; good enough, I suppose, but nothing compared to the real thing. At any rate, these were plum tomatoes. Locally grown plum tomatoes no less. And they were reasonably priced. I could see Tim trying to work it out. Could he cook down an entire bushel? Where would we store the resulting sauce?