• ramsey everydaypants

Some people go to great lengths to support their booze habit, and some people take a different tack. Hornswaggler Arts’ Graham Hogan and Joseph Rynkiewicz, for instance, use booze to support their art habit. For two years the pair have been selling haute cocktails at Chicago art events in order to fund purchases toward the Hornswaggler Collection, an assembly of art that they hope to turn into a free-standing exhibition. Tomorrow they showcase what they’ve got so far at a party featuring Hornswaggler cocktails, beer from Arcade Brewery, and more than 40 pieces from local artists including Peter Takamori, Jennifer Ray, and Juan Angel Chavez. The duo also debut the Hornswaggler Lending Library, from which items in their collection will be available for short-term borrowing. Fri 10/7, 6-10 PM, Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S. Morgan, free.