Organized education has an unfortunate tendency to rob students of the joy that comes with expanding one’s knowledge of the world. Hanging out in bars is fun but rarely intellectually stimulating, unless you make a point of drinking with certified geniuses. Homeroom is a very cool events series that combines the better parts of both these things—it presents lectures, panel discussions, and challenging concerts in places where you can also get a beer and a shot.

Tonight they’re holding a panel discussion on music copyright, and they’ve invited me to be part of it, along with intellectual-property lawyer Thomas Irvin and Johnathan Crawford from the innovative digital label Candy Dinner. The event’s supposed to be a little free-form, and I’m sure we’ll be touching on a lot of topics, but Homeroom’s description—”Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how the law protects musicians, songwriters and the profits of the huge corporations that they work for”—sums up pretty well what I expect to be the thrust of the evening.

It’s going down at the Hungry Brain, 2319 W. Belmont. Things will get rolling at 9 PM and admission is free.