• Ryan Lowry’s Two Years

Gossip Wolf reported last month that Reader contributor and local punk stalwart Ryan Lowry (who currently plays in hardcore outfit Violent End) was putting the finishing touches on his first photo book, Two Years. Lowry’s an excellent photographer, but I do have a bias—I’ve been lucky enough to have his photos accompany several of my Reader stories. Still, I’d be remiss not to recommend folks seek out his work, and tonight’s an excellent opportunity to do just that. That’s because Lowry’s throwing a Two Years release party, so you can go check out framed prints, flip through the book’s pages, and talk to the man himself about the collection’s loose narrative (which, as he told Gossip Wolf, connects his photography experiences to the rest of the universe).

Check out Lowry’s Facebook event for more information about the party. While you’re at it, go through his Reader archives and give Violent End’s nasty 2013 self-titled debut seven-inch a listen below.